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Compete in 10-12 events throughout the day. Your team will do the events at your leisure throughout the day and be ranked against all the teams in your division based on times or scores. Check out an example of possible events below!
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Charity Challenge

Teams compete to see who can raise the most money for our beneficiary by donating and having friends and family donate in your team's name to earn points.


The Charity Challenge event ranks teams by the amount of money each team raises/donates towards the Positive Coaching Alliance Sacramento Chapter. The team who raises the most money earns the most points for the Charity Challenge event. The next team earns the 2nd most points, etc.

Donate to your team here!

Dizzy Bat Relay

It sounds simple, but it's hilarious to watch your teammates stumble around after a few spins around the bat.

Duck Launch


How far can your team launch a rubber ducky? Which teammate can launch it the farthest?

Giant Pong


Better hope all that practice in the bar translates to life sized pong!

Team Skis


Work together to step your way down the course. Teamwork will be key!

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