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Frequently Asked Questions


How many players per team?

  • Teams need at least 5 players with at least one female. Most events are designed for 5 participants but having more allows you to strategize and pick your best events. The team fee covers up to 8 players. Contact us if you have more than eight.


I don't have a team, can I still participate?

  • Yes! Register as an individual and we will form teams of individual registrations and small groups. Your credit card will not be charged until we have enough individuals to place you on a team.


Who can participate?

  • Everyone must be 21 and over to join in the fun.


Is there a charity benefitting from Sacramento Field Day?

  • Yes! This year our Charity Challenge event will benefit the Positive Coaching Alliance's Sacramento Chapter. Teams will earn points based on their ranking in terms of the amount of money donated in their name. The team that raises the most money will get the most points. The team who raises the 2nd most money will get the 2nd most points, etc. Sign up early and tell your friends to donate to support your team! Donate to your team here (make sure to create or choose your team's page first!):

What's this Charity Challenge Event?

  • For ALL events, teams will earn points based on their place in comparison with other teams. If there are 20 teams, the team with the best time in an event will receive 20 points. The 2nd best time earns 19 points, etc.


  • The Charity Challenge event ranks teams by the amount of money each team raises/donates for the Positive Coaching Alliance. The team who raises the most money earns the most points for the Charity Challenge event.


Is there a set schedule for the individual events?

  • No, all the events are designed so that teams can participate when they choose. Some events are head to head events, meaning you'll find a team to match up with. It's a fun way to make new friends! You must complete all events before Field Day ends to receive points. All events open at 11am and close at 3pm. Check-in begins at 10:30am.


When can I register?

  • Registration is open online - get pricing and sign up HERE.


Where is Field Day located?

  • Sacramento Field Day will be at William Land Park, on the softball field.


Where should we park?

  • There is street parking in the neighborhood. Please carpool if possible and be responsible.


What should/shouldn't I bring to Field Day?

  • Bring: Canopy tent and/or chairs, food, and non-alcoholic drinks, running or flat athletic (tennis) shoes, and sunscreen. DON'T bring: cleats, alcohol of any kind, animals (leave dogs at home) and unsportsmanlike behavior and attitudes.


Are team costumes permitted?

  • Of course! In fact, we will be recognizing the team with the best costume and attitude throughout the day with the Team Spirit Award!


Do I have to compete to attend?

  • No, spectators are welcome and free, but you'll be missing out on all the fun! There will be plenty of participants who aren't what you'd consider athletic, and it's fun to be out with friends or make some new ones by signing up as an individual.

Are dogs allowed?

  • Please leave dogs at home for this event.


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